Some words about privacy

Please refer to the imprint for information about the website owner. This site is run by a single person, so there is no special data security officer.

This webiste collects data in the following three ways:

1. Server Logs

Every page request sends several informations to my server (that is the maschine on that the website is stored and processed).

  • Your Browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge usw.)
  • Your operating system (z.B. Windows, Mac OS, Android usw.)
  • Referrer URL (the page which directed you to my site, that can be a search engine, ob social media, or a blog)
  • Your device hostname
  • The time of your visit
  • Your IP-Adresse in an anonymised format (this is something like the phone number of your device in the web)

These data is saved in the server logs. These can help to find errors and prevent attacks.

All this data is saved in a anonymized form and allows no conclusion to any person. Also, this data is not send to anyone.

2. Matomo

Matomo (formally Piwik) is a tracking software. It collects similar data as the server logs, a little more detailed, but also anonymized. It also creates a pretty analysis for me.

Matomo does not set any cookies. So you are not followed over the web. (Read on for more cookie information)

Matomo runs on my server, so data stays in germany.

If your bowser is set to "no track", Matomo will not collect any data from you. Additionally you can prevent Matomo from tracking you on this site using the following option:


I like receiving comments Every comment must be checked and unlocked by me, then it appears on the page where you have written it. This includes your name, the message and the website (as long as you entered one).

If you want me to delete your comment any time in the future, just drop me a note at info(at) I might delete commenty  with inappropriate, illegal or unfriendly content, too


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which is saved on your device by a website. There are Session-Cookies, which are deleted at the end of the session (when you close the browser), and persistant cookies, which stys valid for a specific amount of time. These cookie may be used to recognized you if you visit a website repeatedly. A typical use case for this is a login.

Was für Cookies setzt diese Website? uses a Cookie named fe_typo_user.
This is a Session Cookie, which is needed for the forms to function properly. It does not collect any data from you and gets invalid as soon as you close your browser.

There are no tracking cookies on this site.