So about pants

Finally! The pants kit is live!

That was a real mammoth task. I can't remember how many pants I sewed. Plentiful. :D

But I think now I can let the pants kit loose on the world.

What can the kit do? I'll give you a few examples.

Of course, a very classic pair of pants with darts, French pockets and, for example, a zipper in the side seam is possible.

Or how about comfortable pants with an elastic band? Either pants made of stretchy sweat/jersey or slip-on pants made of woven fabric.

And the supreme discipline is of course a pair of jeans with a shaped waistband and 5 pockets, right?

Yes, I know, instructions on how to sew it together would be nice. I'm still figuring out how to do that with all the different options in the kit. I need a break now - especially from pants - and then I'll see what I can think of on the subject.

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