Princessline pinafore - with video

This is a sewing pattern I've wanted to tackle for a long time. I've already sewn a few jackets and dresses with continuous dividing seams, but I still had to code this into my program.

I love the so-called Princessline patterns. Instead of sometimes hard darts, soft transitions are sewn and everything is somehow flowing and harmonious.

Made from green corduroy, this dress is made for transitional wear. I can wear warmer or airy tops underneath.

Here I combine the dress with a classic black shirt blouse from the blouse kit and my Pansy leggings.


Princessline Pinafore

Code: 13-2

Due to the continuous dividing seams, this dress looks timelessly elegant.

You can add even more pizzazz to this dress with a higher flare amount.

I filmed the creation process of the dress for you. In the second half of the video I also explain in detail how a side zipper is sewn.

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