From T-shirt to hoodie, comfort in king!

You want to see some examples? here is a playlist with interpretations of the T-Shirt/Sweater pattern kit on YouTube.

Basic form

This setting defines the amount of ease. The higher the number, the more ease is added to the body measurements.


Distance between neck and neckline on one side, without neckband.

Distance between neck and neckline on the front, without neckband.

Distance between neck and neckline on the back, without neckband.

Neck finish

Length of neckband will be decreased by this factor.

Bust dart



High sleeve head: small fit at upper arm. For stretchy fabric like jersey only.
Medium high sleeve head: looser fit. For jersey, thicker knits or sweat.
Flat sleeve head: wide fit. All sort of fabrics.

The value defines the depth of the armhole. Increasing this value will increase the width of the upper sleeve and also the bust width. Smaller values may increase movement.

The sleeve is drawn wider as the cuff by this amount. The cuff needs to be stretched while sewing.

Select size/Upload measure set

Select a clothing size or upload a measure set.
You can create a measure set with your own measurements.

Reset measure
Seamallowance and paper formats