Als Hilfestellung für die Berechnung von Brustbreite, Armdurchmesser und Rückenbreite kannst du diesen Rechner benutzen.

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Once around the body, measured at the widest part of the bust.

The width of the chest from one side to the other, limitation here is the beginning of the armpit, extended downwards. So exactly the place where the arm diameter is measured.

The width of the back measured from one armpit to another

The widest part of the upper arm under the armpit. Measure the width, not the circumference. You can e.g. clamp a ruler under the armpit.

The circumference of the upper arm.

From the base of the neck (at the level of the shoulder seam) to the chest and waist.

The length to the nipple is measured from the base of the neck (at the level of the shoulder seam).

The distance between the two nipples.

From the base of the neck (at the level of the shoulder seam) from the shoulder to the back waist.

The armhole depth is measured on the back. Tie a rubber band so that it lies on top of both armpits. Then you can measure from the neck to the rubber band. This value is often measured too long, it is usually between 18 and 22 cm.

The circumference of the waist at the narrowest point. As an aid, you can put a rubber band around your waist. The rubber band should be as parallel to the floor as possible.

The circumference of the hips at the widest point.

The distance between the narrowest part of the waist and the widest part of the hip, measured vertically.

Width of the neck at the base of the neck

From left to right shoulder.

Distance from the neck to the shoulder. This value is usually between 3 and 6 cm.

The length of an arm from the shoulder seam to the wrist with the arm slightly bent.

The circumference of the wrist at the narrowest point.

Around the head

The following measures are optional. They are not neccessarily needed to create a good fitting pattern. In some case thouch, they can help to improve fit.

Distance from one arm to the other across the back, at the height of the armpit. Use this meaurement if the back is to snug. This measurement does not apply to patterns for stretchy fabric.

Please note:

A good measurement is the prerequisite for a good fitting pattern. So please take your time and take the measurements in well-fitting underwear and with a relaxed but upright posture. Please only enter body measurements and no desired finished measurements. The pattern maker adds some ease anyway. Your measurements are neither saved nor evaluated on the server. Please note that the pattern maker cannot take into account malpositions such as a swayback, pelvic misalignment or similar physical changes. At the moment it is also not possible to create patterns if the waist size is larger than the chest size.