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The circumference of the waist at the narrowest point. As an aid, you can put a rubber band around your waist. The rubber band should be as parallel to the floor as possible.

The circumference of the hips at the widest point.

The distance between the narrowest part of the waist and the widest part of the hip, measured vertically.

Please note:

A good measurement is the prerequisite for a good fitting pattern. So please take your time and take the measurements in well-fitting underwear and with a relaxed but upright posture. Please only enter body measurements and no desired finished measurements. The pattern maker adds some ease anyway. Your measurements are neither saved nor evaluated on the server. Please note that the pattern maker cannot take into account malpositions such as a swayback, pelvic misalignment or similar physical changes. At the moment it is also not possible to create patterns if the waist size is larger than the chest size.