Especially the measurements around the chest, as well as the vertical values ​​such as front and back length, bust depth and armhole depth are particularly difficult to measure. Here you can upload your measurements and you will receive two control tapes with which you can check your measurements.

The first band is exactly as long as the entered chest measurement and is marked for bust width, arm diameter and back width. Glue the individual parts together and place the band around your chest. Then you can check if all the markings are in the right places. If not, correct your values ​​and the measure.

The second band contains the vertical dimensions. The vertical marking corresponds to the shoulder point. Put it close to your neck and check the values ​​drawn. Please note that many patterns have the shoulder seam offset a little forward. Therefore, please do not use the shoulder seam of a top as a guide when checking the measurements. In any case, measurements and checks should best be carried out in underwear.

A second PDF contains a template with the measurements for the arm diameter and the height of the armhole (armhole depth - shoulder depth). Cut out this rectangle, put your arm through it and push the template all the way to the shoulder. Does everything fit if the arm hangs loosely? Or is the paper dented? Then the values ​​for arm diameter, armhole depth and shoulder depth should be checked.

Create control bands/armhole model