Bathrobe in midnight blue

Before midsummer finally breaks out here, I took quick photos of my new bathrobe. Ok, new is a bit relative, because it has been in use for a few weeks, even when the seam allowances were not all covered with bias tape. : D

I sewed them on by hand little by little, and that took a couple of TV evenings. I put the pattern together with the construction kit. If you want to sew it up, you can use this configuration and change it according to your wishes.

Yes, the pattern is created with the T-Shirt / Sweater pattern kit. As long as a casual waist, a flat sleavehead and at least fiting class 4 are selected, this also works with a fabric such as terrycloth.

At the front there is a cuff running the entire length and over the hood. In this seam and the one on the armcuffs runs a piping that spices up the whole thing a bit, since everything is monochrome. The pockets sit a bit deep and the belt is a bit too long, but that's a complaint at a high level, on the whole I'm very satisfied with the result.

Next time, however, I would attach the belt loops from the outside instead of enclosing them in the side seam. Then the bust dart adds to the fabric and 8 layers of terry were simply too much for my overlocker. And sew such a belt made of terry cloth right sides together and turn it over as usual - nope, that doesn't work that way either. It is better to just turn over the corners and simply fold in the seam allowance for the rest and topstitch from the outside. Better on the nerves. :D

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